New! Health and Nutrition- EatPlayGrow New! Health and Nutrition- EatPlayGrow
EatPlayGrow™ is a new early childhood health curriculum developed by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM), and is the first to be approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC). This curriculum combines common core standards, the latest science and research from the NIH, and CMOM’s holistic arts and literacy-based pedagogy. In partnership with CMOM, the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum created two field trip programs for children ages 3-7.
Perfect Portions 
Hands on activities get children thinking, creating and sculpting the perfect meal.  With a focus on the importance of vegetables, fruits, health beverages, and proper portion sizes, this lively program introduces children to nutrition basics. (Pre-K, K-2)
Dem Bones
Children are introduced to the workings of their bodies, what gives them energy, and the importance of exercise and sleep.  Activities utilize art, storytelling, music and movement.  
(Pre-K, K-2)
New! Early Skills New! Early Skills
MHCM is proud to offer two new field trips to advance school readiness skills.  Each offers age-appropriate content knowledge and a multi-dimensional approach to encourage early literacy and language skills, gross and fine motor skills, and social/emotional skills.
Shapes and Sounds
This interactive presentation encourages pre-reading skills using movement, sound and letter shapes.  Children will discover “clues” which make up 3 to 4 letter words. This theatrical program introduces the process of putting letters and sounds together to form words in a “can-do”, fun environment!  (Pre-K, K-1) 
Five, Five, Come Alive!
Using our very own sensory “tool kit”, children will learn about some of the fascinating animals and plant life living in our back yard. This is a hands-on interactive program that reinforces School Readiness and also works well for mixed age groups.  (Pre-K, K-2)
StarLab Astronomy Programs StarLab Astronomy Programs

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum’s StarLab is an inflatable planetarium that invites children to journey to the stars.   Children will learn how to find some of our most recognizable constellations throughout the seasons, and learn stories of Greek Mythology and Native American Folklore.  This is a wonderful presentation and enhancement for early STEM learning.  
Two Programs are available for K-2: 
Moon Phases 
Enter our inflatable dome planetarium and experience the phases of the moon with hands-on activities. The program will be followed by a brief night time sky presentation.
Enter our inflatable dome planetarium and gaze up at a clear starry night. Explore the universe with a fully trained museum educator as your guide. Be inspired by the magnificent expanse of the universe. Learn how to find real stars in the night sky and be enchanted by ancient Greek myths!


Science Science
Developed to support early STEM curricula, MHCM has refurbished it’s popular science programs.
From River to Table
Using theater and props, children bring to life the recent history of the Hudson River and how it has been affected by industry and population growth.  This program featuring food chains is a wonderful introduction to ecology and geography as it supports early STEM learning. (K-2)


Looks Like Rain!
Welcome to “The Water Cycle Game” where students pretend to be a drop of water traveling through the water cycle.  Where will it go next? How will it get there?  Will it condense, evaporate or be consumed by an animal? In the end children can tell the story of their watery journey! Supports Literacy, early geography and STEM. (K-2)
Molecules on the Move
This program is a perfect introduction into STEM, language and critical reasoning.  By exploring how planes fly, ice melts and electricity travels, young children are introduced to core science concepts through hands on activities. (K-2).
General Info and Pricing General Info and Pricing
Each two-hour field trip to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum includes a 30-minute program led by museum education staff.  Self-guided field trips (without programs) and outreach programs are also available.  Lunch space is available for an additional fee.  All field trips must be reserved in advance.  
For more information contact:  Education Department at (845) 471-0589 ext. 17 or



Minimum 15 students



Field Trip with Program

$9 per student

Max 40 students per class

Max 3 classes per visit

Field Trip with StarLab

$9 per student

Max 25 students per class

Max 3 classes per visit

No Program Visit

$7 per student

Max 80 students


Lunch fee

$1 per student